Trying to make it through life with His help.

Being A Little Lonely

I miss my best friend.

My best friend is in Georgia. Five.Long.Hours.Away.

Laurie and I did so much together, yet we never got tired of each others company….at least I didn’t, anyway… ha ha  We even lost weight together a few years ago. That’s the kind of friend she is. Everything was so much more fun because of her. We especially loved to go shopping together. Even if we didn’t buy anything. About the only thing that wasn’t good about our friendship was that we both can be pretty impulsive. And that got us into ‘trouble’, especially when we’d go shopping! We learned, though, (finally), not to just jump into buying something without stopping, talking it over and taking a little bit of time to think it over, too.

Laurie and I worked together for 13 years. So, we saw each other almost daily! Not having her close is just hard. I thank God every day for email, Facebook and FaceTime! If it weren’t for those things, I don’t know how I would have coped with moving back home to Nashville, and being without my bestie.

91g4Xp-mNoL._SL1500_Having a best friend, someone who knows everything about you and STILL loves you, makes living life easier. Laurie and I can talk for hours on end. I mean, that’s just what best friends do, isn’t it? Being best friends for so long, you tend to have a lot of memories together, and personal, inside jokes. Which just makes being friends even better.

We’ve been through a lot in the last few years, too. We found our way back to church and the Lord together, too. Which is great, because now we give each other sound Christian advice, something that can be rare in today’s world. And, when questions are asked, and advice given, we know the advice is given with a wonderfully loving and honest heart and the best of intentions. No punches pulled.

Friends, for some, are easy to make. I have – or had, while in Atlanta – a lot of people I considered friends. But a real Best Friend is somewhat rare. I’ve had a few people in my lifetime whom I’ve thought of as a best friend. But looking back, some weren’t quite as good a friend as I thought at the time. Unfortunately, I’ve had more than a few ‘best friends’ who turned out to be little more than ‘users’. But, I was young, and a totally different person back then. Life, and dealing with all kinds of people, has taught me to realize – for the most part – when I meet a manipulative person. I don’t tolerate them well at all, and generally, they aren’t allowed to stay in my life for long at all. People like that are what makes you really appreciate the good people in your life.

People who don’t want anything from you, who want only the best for you, push you to be better than you are, want more for you than you do, believe in you and love you no matter what, THOSE are the ones who qualify to be best friends.

I thank God every day for ‘my Laurie’.

I hope you have good friends, but I pray you have a best friend. If not, keep looking. She, (or he), is out there somewhere. And, they’re worth their weight in gold.

I know mine is.


Our first, (but certainly not our last!), Girls Weekend. Savannah, GA



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