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The KEYS to my Future

Several years ago, a prophet told me that I needed to find four Keys in my life, then I could unlock the door and walk through it. Because this was a message for me, and me alone, it makes perfect sense. But when it comes to explaining it, I don’t feel like I can verbalize it well enough to explain it fully to someone else. All I know is that soon after, I felt an urgency to find a physical representation of these keys. And, they had to be substantial, not some little house key.

If you think about it, finding FOUR keys together wasn’t going to be as easy as you might think. Over the years, I remember seeing big, brass keys on a huge ring, (think Kirkland’s), but with those, there were usually only three keys. But I didn’t want the shiny, brass keys, anyway. These had to be OLD keys… thick, used, and something that looked like they could turn the lock in a castle door.

I knew if I went to the Nashville Flea Market the next time I went home for a visit, I would find my keys. So, I called a friend and asked if she would like to go with me. We spent several hours looking at the different booths. (If you’ve ever been to the Flea Market in Nashville, you know it’s not a small place). I finally found some old jailer’s keys. I knew I had to find four of them, and that they should be together on a ring. These were separate, but I thought maybe I could put them on a ring. I asked the man running the booth how much a particular key cost. He told me it was an original jailer’s key and it was $60. (For ONE?! my mind screamed!) I smiled, and put the key back. I was willing to spend some money, but I wasn’t feelin’ $60 for ONE key, or $240 for four!


Eloi Maftea
(Hebrew, “My God Keys”)

I just knew I would find my keys there, so, on we walked, looking here and there at all the different things you can find at a flea market. We walked under a pavilion and browsing amongst the tables, THERE were my keys! They were big, substantial, there were four of them, and they were on a ring! But there was no price. After seeing the one earlier for $60, I wasn’t holding out much hope for these. I found the person running the booth and asked the price. Bracing for the answer, I heard her say, “$12.” Needless to say, I bought them.

I learned a lesson there, too. You can’t make something fit into a dream God’s given you. $60 per key, plus finding a ring vs finding the perfect set of keys on a ring for $12. When you do what He asks you do to, everything falls into place perfectly.

That was about 2 years ago and since finding the physical representation of the keys, I believe I know what they represent. The first, to my knowledge, was something He asked me to do, which demonstrated Obedience. He asked me to go back to my maiden name. I’m not sure why exactly, but we rarely know the reasons, or can see the ‘big picture’. He had asked me to do this two years before, but life got in the way and I put it off.

Climbing the stairs to my apartment one night, He spoke to me and told me it was time I changed my name. I agreed, but I told Him I didn’t have the money, (it costs about $300), but I was finally willing to get it done. The very next week, I received a check in the mail that more than covered the court costs. And, after over 15 years, I took my maiden name back. And, as awful as that process can be, it was extremely smooth for me.

The other three keys? Well, I believe the last three represent my talents. The God-given gifts that I will use to glorify His name.

I believe God gives us all keys. We just have to be willing to take the time to figure out what they are. What are the keys in your life? Do you know what they are? Do you care? Find out. The journey of discovery is an exciting one!



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