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Being in the Light

I was watching tv tonight when a commercial for the new Samsung Galaxy 7 phones came on. Have you seen this one yet? It starts off by saying, “All the best stuff happens in the dark…” then goes on to show and tell some of those things. What it’s doing is promoting how well the new phone takes photos in the darkest of situations. (Which, ok, I love my Samsung and its camera, and would absolutely LOVE to have this new one.) Anyway, back to it… Maybe I’m being too sensitive here, but no, all the best stuff does NOT happen in the dark. SIN takes place in the dark, in secret, because a lot of people are ashamed of what they do – or have done – and they keep it ‘in the dark’ in hopes that no one will know or find out.
How many of you have uttered the words of my parents, “Nothing good happens after midnight.”?  🙂 As a Christian, it seems to me that the world is getting darker and darker. Believe me, there have been PLENTY of things in my ‘former life’ that I would prefer to keep in the dark, but to do so lets the enemy win. Because if they’re in the dark, that means you’re still ashamed of them. But Jesus died for our sins and has washed us white as snow! Which, as hard as it can be at times, means we shouldn’t be ashamed of our past, or even think about it any more. Jesus doesn’t remember our sins, so we shouldn’t keep bringing them up, either. As Beth Moore says, our sins are like an old, tattered coat that needs to be thrown away. It’s the enemy’s M.O. to keep bringing up our sins. He just doesn’t understand that Jesus has taken care of all of that for us. Or, perhaps he does understand, but we’re the ones who forget it. Either way, it can be a very effective tactic for him to use against us.
Let’s all try to stop letting the enemy use our pasts against us!
And, wow, I love it when the Lord gives me confirmation about things to let me know I’m on the right track! After I finished writing my blog above, I came across this:
Christine Caine – First Things First
Today’s devotional was taken from Chris’ newest book, UNASHAMED. 
For you were once darkness, but now you are light in the Lord (Ephesians 5:8).
The apostle Paul teaches in Ephesians 5 that bringing what’s hidden in the dark—our secrets of shame—into the light, into God’s merciful presence, is how they lose their power over us.
God’s light is tender, not harsh. As you trust Him with your pain, He will gently shine His healing light on all your wounds. He is for you, not against you—and will never shame you or humiliate you (see Romans 8:31). That kind of treatment is not in His nature. He is good, merciful and kind. He didn’t cause your pain, but He’s ready to help you through it.
Jesus paid for your guilt and bore your shame. He carried it all to the cross. But there He left it!
Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection were more than enough for you—for all of us. When He emerged from that tomb, He was no longer clothed in the sin and shame of this world. Sin and its shame were left entombed. Conquered. Vanquished. Paid for. Redeemed by His blood sacrifice. It is finished. The blood of Jesus has healed you. The blood of Jesus has set you free.
Jesus was wounded for your healing; He bore your shame so you could live free.

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